Back Pain

Balance & Strength

Do you suffer from the following Back pain symptoms?

  • A band of ache and/or pain across the lower back
  • Pain in the back as a result of an active work day
  • Pain in the back following training legs at the gym
  • Morning back pain that eases throughout the day, only for the pain to return again
  • Inability to flex forward to lift up something due to pain and hesitance
  • Low back pain referring pain into the glute and legs/feet
  • Pain with long periods of standing or sitting
  • Numbness and/or pins & needles down the legs and feet
  • Deep glute pain
  • Consistent lower back pain after playing sport

Back pain is often multi-faceted and consists of multiple moving parts in the overall clinical presentation. Back pain especially applies to pain that has been ongoing for a while, rather than a simple one-off episode of straining your back because of lifting a heavy object with poor technique.

Physiotherapy involves a thorough conversation with your specific presentation of pain so that we can diagnose and problem-solve a treatment solution. This may involve the use of manual therapies, ergonomic corrections, exercise advice, lifting technique, or something as simple as specific stretches.

Time Frames for Chronic Cases

Back pain improvements can typically be realised within 2 to 6 weeks once a treatment solution is implemented.  For cases that have surfaced recently, one can expect a significant improvement in less than 2 weeks.

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