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A psychologist is a specialist in the behaviour of the human mind. This includes mental, emotional and behavioural disorders in the form of counselling to help  achieve optimal personal, occupational, social and educational goals, and manage changes to their lives.

At Purelife Healthcare (formerly Purelife Psychology) we have been treating Northern Beaches residents with wide range of challenging issues for over 14 years related to personal, family and work issues with personalised counselling sessions by our skilled psychologists.

Sessions are available for individuals and couples. They are confidential, one-on-one sessions in order to assist you for the better, by helping you to understand the issues in depth. This helps making change to promote less stress and stronger empowerment.

Trained Psychologists are highly specialised: 

There are various areas of Psychology that help with a psychological disorder, including Depression, Anxiety, Addiction, Anger Management, Grief & Loss, PTSD and Psychotic illnesses (among others). Also, confidence and self-esteem building, Relationship difficulties and Work related/injury issues.

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