Balance & Strength

Operations Director

Carlos Tiscareno

Assoc. Arts, (Business), B. Sc (Information Technology), Dip. Marketing

I am a Co-Founder & Director at PureLife HealthCare. I bring a broad range of skills, experiences with unique approaches to founding and growing companies.

My educational journey started in California, USA at Orange Coast and Rancho Santiago Colleges with an Associate Arts degree.  Thereafter, I attended the University of California Irvine with a Bachelor of Science - Information Technology and Computer Sciences. I later followed this with a Diploma in Digital Marketing from APEXreach Marketing College in Sydney.

I have a large and varied international business background stretching back over 30 years to 1991 that spans across 2 continents (Australia and America). This has expanded my business acumen and enabled me to achieve amazing achievements, providing me with a plethora of unique commerce experience.

My experience is compounded with considerable know-how developing start-ups through to roles with large multinational Corporations. Thus I have an acquired, balanced commercialisation skillset when it comes to dealing with business managment, financial management, product development, sales and marketing proficiencies in multiple industries including health and wellbeing.

Within the Healthcare Industry, I am taking my longstanding career experience as a Business Specialist into this role as the Operations Director. My aim is also that PureLife Healthcare contributes to the relationship link between the Northern Beaches community, the health industry and Government stakeholders. My position is to guide and monitor the management of the company to ensure we bring the best and most updated therapeutic, mental and well-being modalities available. It will also enable us to become  a meaningful partner with community members to better address community needs and priorities, especially for patients with complex health and social needs.

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