Balance & Strength


Harrison Gregson

B. Pod med (Podiatry)

I attended Medicine at Western Sydney University and graduating with Distinction,  specialising in sports, paediatric and general podiatry.

My desire to be a healthcare professional began at an early age with an interest in athletics and tennis. This resulted from experiencing first hand, as child, foot complications, with pain and mobility issues that impacted his body, both physically and mentally. 

Having completed my studies, and coached at an elite level, I know all too well the pressures associated with sport and the positive effect a Podiatrist can have. Podiatry can  enhance one’s quality of life and bodily performance.

Having worked and trained at Australian and international hospitals has given me an extensive range of experience treating high performing athletes, and treating wounds and vascular conditions, with the latest treatment approaches.

Some of the areas I treat to overcome: 

Movement discrepancies, poor gait, footwear requirements, ingrown toenails.

Diabetic self-care and education. Nail surgeries and callus / corn debridement.

Provision of Orthotic prescriptions.

These are some of the benefits one can received from Podiatry:

Relieve pain & treats infections.Help identify possible health conditions.

Support long tern foot health & care. 

Repair & treatment of various ailments, eg. ingrown nails, blisters and corns, calluses.  Correct Bunions.

Create tailor-made personalised orthotics. 

Cure foot injuries, shin splints & cracked heels.

If your experiencing issues with your feet, contact Harrison. I will provide an assessment, attend to the condition/s and have you back on your feet in no time.

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