issues with the hip

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Suffering from these Hip Pain symptoms?

  • Deep ache or sharp pain at the front of your hip or groin
  • Pain on the sides of your butt muscles
  • Pain with kicking a ball or running
  • Hip pain after kicking sports
  • Hip pain when going up stairs
  • Intense tenderness around the Hip or Groin area

Physiotherapy can usually assist in the above presentations with a thorough clinical assessment. This is then followed with a thorough explanation of the diagnosis and treatment plan tailored specifically to individual circumstances.

Due to the thick layers of muscles around the hip region, Percussion Therapy with the use of a Theragun massage gun is helpful for most cases of hip pain. Gentle hands-on therapy can also be used in areas too sensitive to Percussion Therapy.

The remaining part of the therapy treatment is a simple home-exercise program that is prescribed to address a particular weakness identified in the assessment. This is designed to be easy and simple to perform without the requirement of any special equipment.

In most instances of hip pain, it is not uncommon for a patient to begin seeing improvement within 1 to 2 weeks. Chronic cases coupled with older age may require additional investigations with a referral to a specialist.

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