Internal Issues

Balance & Strength

Suffering from High Stress, Fatigue, Bloating, Gut, Digestive Issues? Often Acupuncture can improve help with these conditions without medication.

Bloating can lead to a reduced quality of life with a sluggish feeling of being tired. Those that receive Acupuncture, do so to reduce inflammation, destress and to re-energise themselves.  

Acupuncture stimulates energy centres that move stagnation along energy lines called meridians. This signals the body to turn on its own self-healing processes as part of the well-being self-care that is extremely important to the body. We are proud to be able to provide our patients a form of treatment to help minimise the problems associated with internal bloating issues.

Generally, after 24 hours after an Acupuncture treatment, we find patients begin to feel a bit lighter with a bit more energy.

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