Balance & Strength


Jeanette Padilla

B.S. Biology, FMCHC

I am a speaker, educator and Functional Medicine Health Coach with a passion for helping people to heal naturally and live life optimally. Attaining a Bachelor of Science degree in Biology, with studies in Functional Medicine Health Coaching, I have discovered the best tools to help one feel energised and empowered to get the most out of life. 

I combine functional nutrition, positive psychology, mind body medicine and delayed food sensitivity testing to get fast results, often when people have given up hope, or seemingly tried everything else.

Drawing on personal experience, after struggling with my own health challenges, I have discovered optimal health is about getting to the root cause of the problem. That an underlying cause can often be inflammation and the foods we eat can be one of the major contributors to the cause.

I deliver tailored, individually customised 1-to-1 coaching programs. My signature system gives you the tools, and much needed support, to take back your health with a complete, personalised wellness plan and symptom-prevention road map. I partner
directly with patients and health care practitioners to minimise inflammation and its debilitating symptoms. 

Life is meant to be amazing and if that’s not what you’re experiencing, it’s time to take back your optimal health.

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