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A widespread problem of tennis players and golfers is tennis elbow.  Tennis elbow pertains to the elbow used with the arm used to swing with and for Golfers it's the elbow in the opposite arm.

A more precise description is, if you use your right arm to swing a tennis racket, it would be your right elbow and as a golfer it would be your left elbow. The opposite would apply if you used your left arm to swing a tennis racket.

The pain experienced in the elbow is generally severe, yet it is a treatable injury that is among the common problems we see.  Common causes of tennis/golf elbow are: repetitive movements causing tendonitis, sprains and tears. 

As an FIFA approved Osteopath, we help ease the pain towards returning back to eventually having no pain and full use and mobility with different approaches, from dry needling to soft tissue and manipulation of the dysfunctional area. 

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