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Dr. Tony Shih

B. Health Science & Appl. Science Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine

I am a graduate from RMIT with a Bachelor Degree in Acupuncture
and Chinese Medicine. 

Coming from a long line of family practitioners made up of a gynaecologist, GP Doctor, Orthopaedic Surgeon, Dentist, Physiotherapist and Cosmetic Surgeon. It was during these youthful years, my uncle, a Massage Therapist, began developing my interest in sports and injury management, at a very young age.

I later learned multiple manual treatment techniques targeting sports injuries as well as most recently applying advanced Acupuncture equipment that significantly reduces pain levels.

I also studied the art of the Ba Liao acupuncture methods designed in general for health, pain and acne management. Pre-mid-post pregnancy care (including pregnancy back pain, breast feeding issues,) and internal disorder symptoms (bloating, chest distension, shortness of breath etc) are also part of my treatment plans. Additionally, I also have extensive expertise in treating diabetic and inflammation issues, among many of the debilitating conditions we experience.

Are you experiencing some of these symptoms or conditions?

Neck or shoulder pain, Physical injury, post-surgery or childbirth fatigue. Ladies experiencing specific women’s health issues, such as period pain and disruptive symptoms. Cosmetic conditions such wrinkles, dull facial complexion, acne, droopy facial feature etc. Blocked nose, hay-fever related symptoms, sinus and catarrh reduction.  Digestion issues such as gastric reflux, bloating, poor digestion etc.

I can help you overcome these symptoms with these types of treatments:

I tackle these symptoms with acupuncture, or by the intake of Chinese medicinal herbs over a set, constant period of time, so my patients can gradually regain their daily mobility and improve their quality of life.

My specialised interventions have seen these benefits: 

Reduction or elimination of a sports & pain injury and reduced time of muscle soreness. Knee pain, Poor mobility.

Stress and anxiety reduction, especially after pain and/or soreness has lessened. Relieve ongoing and fatiguing conditions of women’s health, such as fatigue, pain. Strengthened immunity support.

Feeling any of these symptoms or conditions, or something else you are not sure about, contact us for an assessment of what can be done to alleviate your health issues.

If there is a symptom you are concerned with, there is a probability we can treat it.

Purelife Healthcare Acupuncturist Tony Shih

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