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WorkCover Injuries

If you have been injured at a workplace or in a motor accident, you may be entitled to receive psychological support within the guidelines of WorkCover.

There are moments when involved in an incident that cause issues that are out of your control that can be difficult to overcome such as: a Physical Injury limits your mobility or function capabilities, experiencing Nightmares and flash backs of the incident, feeling unmotivated, depressed, anxious, tired, exhausted and/or fatigued. Additionally, trouble sleeping, angry and/or frustrated, arguing with loved ones being extremely.

An example of a WorkCover claim: After being involved in an incident, whether or not it was caused by an employer, these could be signs amongst many that would most likely be best supported by a professional psychologist.

If there is a need to be covered by WorkCover, we work with the insurer to secure the proper plan towards your road to recovery.

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