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What is Osteopathy?

A form of natural manual manipulation and massage techniques that focuses on the  body's musculoskeletal system to help the body heal itself and improve mobililty.

Osteopathic techniques are a gentle approach, tailored to the individual whereby symptoms are applied to a “whole-body” approach diagnosis and management. 

These are Osteopathy Principles:

The body is a unit:  a problem in one area of the body without it affecting other musculoskeletal regions. 

The healing power of nature:  our bodies have all the things necessary for recovery from disease and health maintenance.  The role of the Osteopath is to enhance health capacity.

Structure and Function are interrelated:  the relationship between body structure and its ability to function. 

The use of Manipulative Therapy:  Osteopaths practice manipulative therapy to restore optimal body function.

Some of the Conditions Osteopathy addresses
  • Headaches: 
  • Neck, Shoulder and Arm Pain: 
  • Joint and muscle pain: 
  • Manual Therapies and Dry Needling: 
  • Digestive: 

Positive results are achieved when receiving treatment in conjunction with another form of treatment, such as with Acupuncture or Massage Therapy treatments, which helps reduce the time it takes to correct an issue.

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